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Jean Francois FOUILHOUX

Country : France

Homepage : CLICK

Born :1947
Studies :Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués , Paris, France.
Member of the
Creation of the studio of Mont-pres-Chambord in 1976
At the begining, research on glaze of high temperature, put on porcelain turned forms or stone ware. Then exclusive research on the celadon, at the same time as a work of sculpture.
Exhibitions in France, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia, China, Corea, Taiwan, Japan.



For more than twenty years I dedicated myself almost exclusively a research on the celadon. I have create forms specific to this work.
I use a personal technique of sculpture which consists in cutting forms in a block of clay by means of a flexible blade.The pieces are then enamelled by dumping.The current work bears the generic name of “calligraphy of clay”. As well as we draw a fast line on a paper sheet, I draw a shape with the flexible blade in the mass of wet clay.
What interests me, it is the imprint left by the gesture.