SASAMA International Ceramic Art Festival 

Address: 394 Sasama-kami, Kawane-cho, Shimada city, Shizuoka, JAPAN   428-0211

Tel: (+81) 547-54-0661


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Masamichi YOSHIKAWA  | 吉川 正道

Country : Japan


1946 Born in Chigasaki City,Kanagawa Prefecture ,Japan 1968 Graduate From The Japanese Design Academy 1984 Became member IAC 2007 The assumption of Nagoya University Of Arts Professor Ceramics 2009 The assumption of Technology mara university Associate Professor. Awards 2005 A praise-Aichi Prefectural Art and Culture Award-winning work 2004 The First International Taiwan Ceramics Biennale 2004-Grand Prize- 2003 World Ceramics Viennale (Ichon Korea)-Judge Prize- 2002 18th Biennale of Ceramic Art Valloruis (France)-Gold Prize- 2001 World Ceramics Viennale (Ichon Korea) -Bronze Prize- Public Collection 1994 Victoria&Albert Museum (London England)/Prague Art & Crafts Museum (Prague Czech Reublic) 2000 American Craft Museum (NewYork USA) 2010 Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Minnesota) 2012 Harn Museum of Art University of Florida(Florida)    National Gallery of Australia (Canberra・Australia) 2014 Musée Magnelli, Musée de la Céramique (Vallauris France)


元来 焼き物には科学や技術が必然だが、 私は祈りだと思っている。 人は長くその生に喜びを求めて来た。 文学や哲学、音楽や宗教、舞踏、演劇など 時間とその思椎は文化となって、 豊かさと潤いを生活に与えて来た。 湧き出る泉のごとく限りない透明な中に その生を見いだしたい。

Science and technique are necessary in ceramics. However, I believe it is prayer. Humans demand joy in their life. Literature, philosophy, music, religion, dance, performance, etc… Time and thoughts became the culture. And richness and pleasant were given in the life. In the infinite transparency like the water from.